TandoStone: The #1 Brand of Composite Stone

TandoStone, the premier brand of composite stone, has revolutionized the stone siding market, and is a game-changer for both siding installers and homeowners alike.
With its unparalleled realism, TandoStone stands out as the most authentic stone system available.

TandoStone System

stacked stone

Stacked Stone

Complement any exterior finish with a strong
linear pattern with minimal grout lines with this contemporary,
sharp edged look.

creek ledgestone

Creek Ledgestone

Create a rough, dimensional surface and generous grout lines
with appealing natural shades with varied sized stones set in a
strong horizontal ledge.

ALL pro corner

The aLL-Pro Corner

The best stone system on the market is a complete game-changer for you,
your customers, and your bottom line.


Tando Composites' Architectural Sill
and Architectural Sill Corner

Experience architectural authenticity with Tando Composites' Architectural Sill—a meticulously crafted profile designed to redirect water away from your structure while enhancing its appearance. Pair it seamlessly with Tando Composites' Architectural Sill Corner, offering versatility for corners or terminations. Featuring innovative details like an integrated nailing flange and breakaway spacers, our Architectural Sill ensures hassle-free installation and compatibility with Stacked Stone and Creek Ledgestone.

Installing the Most Realistic
Stone System on the Market

Experience TandoStone’s seamless installation

  • Installs like traditional siding - quickly and easily with the same tools and fasteners.

  • Never require mortar or adhesive and cut with common saw blades.

  • Install TandoStone to the roofline or ground without the need for a secondary rainscreen.

  • Experience premier engineered performance that has been trusted by top professionals for over five decades.

TandoStone vs. Stone Veneer


  • Installs easily without the need for specialized trades,
    reducing installation costs.
  • Ensures a clean and efficient installation process.
  • Impervious to moisture, eliminating the need for a secondary rainscreen and expanding installation possibilities.
  • Lightweight and durable, allowing for versatile installation options and reducing structural concerns.

Stone Veneer

  • Requires skilled masons for installation
  • Usually requires mortar or adhesives, creates harmful dust when cutting.
  • Susceptible to moisture damage, requiring a secondary rainscreen in wet climates.
  • Limited in versatility and installation locations due to weight 
and fragility.

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