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By ordering samples, you’ll have the opportunity to
experience the exceptional versatility and quality of
our products in person. Elevate your exterior projects
with confidence and the firsthand knowledge that
Tando Composites delivers unparalleled durability
and performance.


Transform Your
Home Project with
Our Visualizer Tool

 Designing a dream home with Tando Composites'
products has never been easier.

Unlock the power of My Tando Home Creator, the exterior
cladding industry’s premier home visualizer tool.

 For a personalized experience, upload a photo of your client’s
home and customize it with Tando Composites' products for a
mockup that is sure to impress. Try it for yourself.


Find Tando Composites'
Products Near You

Tando Composites' products are available through professional dealers and lumberyards across the United States and Canada.